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Get es-Currencies

The es-Currencies are the first ever bridge between the Web2 and Web3 communities. An enhanced e-money solution that allows Web3 end-users to benefit from all the safety and reliability that only a supervised and regulated financial institution can offer.

No more endless, costly and risky swaps between FIAT and StableCoins! 


No more putting your trust in tokens that call themselves Stable and pegged but in fact belong to private companies that may go bankrupt, be frozen by regulators or simply lie to you about their real money supply.

Now you can have FIAT money in your own dedicated account not only on participating Exchanges and

Financial Institutions but even directly on your MetaMask.


Don't wait any longer.

Enter the new world of es-Currencies.

ESC is available on Metamask

Personal Use

For individuals who want to use esCurrencies and embrace the currency of the future.

Get them through via participant Institutions 

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