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Safe. Interchangeable. Recognized. Official. Global. Streamable.
What else?

es-Currencies blends the innovation of blockchain with the safety of e-money.

The safest, fastest & real-time bankable

Flexible, Scalable & Streamable

Blockchain that blends with E-Money

100% backed & safeguarded

Issued by an authorized
global financial institution.
Bankable in real-time
es-currencies global
About es-Cs

When Blockchain blends with E-Money

We combined the best features of blockchain with the safety and reliability of electronic money. But we also made it fluid, accessible and fully streamable.

A digital currency that ensures instant redeemability at face value directly from the issuing financial institution by exploiting the full potential of the blockchain.

The paradigm shift has begun. 

The StableCoin experience has made it possible for the payment services industry to realize the immense potential of blockchain. Combined with payment systems, it can really boost the payments market towards astonishingly groundbreaking solutions, in its usability, cost-effectiveness, readiness and speed of execution.


It has also made it possible to identify the weakness of Stablecoins when they are not issued by an institution that can really ensure their value and their underlying assets.


In 2025, Europe is set to enact MiCA legislation, which will prohibit any StableCoins not issued by an authorized financial institution that guarantees their 1:1 pegged value to users. The US and other major jurisdictions are already working on similar legal frameworks.

Check the comparison table:


es-Currencies is the first ever project in this arena. A project that combines all the benefits of blockchain with those of authorized and legal electronic money. With a cherry on top: programmability and streamability.

Web2 and Web3

Web2 vs Web3 becomes an old concept.

es-Currencies succeeds in what so many have tried to achieve. Getting to the heart of the problem and merging the concept of Web2 and Web3 regarding means of payment.  A unique approach that allows the best of both worlds to be exploited.

es-Currencies fully programmable

Safe, legal, compliant &

The blockchain enhances the usability of electronic money but doesn't convert it. The monetary value is 1:1 simply because each currency remains what it already is. Hence the legal framework remains unaffected and thus legal and compliant.

es-Currencies fully streamable

Programmability & streamability means New Frontiers 

Unlike traditional e-money that is static,  es-Currencies,  is programmable & streamable like a liquid that adapts to its environment of use. Its use represents a paradigm shift and turns the whole concept of money, where creativity is the new limit.


Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA)

The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) implements uniform EU market rules for crypto-assets, including e-money tokens. Key provisions cover transparency, disclosure, authorisation and supervision of transactions.

Built for Financial Institutions, by Financial Institutions

We have developed a comprehensive payment infrastructure that enables the use of a disruptive new digital protocol by enhancing and extending the functionality and use of e-money.
Thanks to a connector that is extremely easy to integrate, any existing IBAN will be able to support es-Currencies.

Bank-grade safety

Designed for schemes

Easy to integrate

Trusted Among Financial Institutions

Streamable Finance

es-Currencies is not an early-stage project but a reality which already operates in selected financial institutions.
Receiving and sending traditional and streaming payments. Streaming of investment yields by the second. Programmable currency exchange at best market rates. Real-time clearing and settlement between financial institutions. These are the uses that es-Currencies enables the institutions using it.

Ephelia Capital
Quid Global

es-Currencies for everyone

Every financial, industrial, and business sector as well as the individual has a great advantage in using es-currencies.

Exchange money in real time. No need to have a current account to send and receive money. Use electronic money anonymously just like cash. Receive your salary second by second
Benefit from much cheaper transactions. Receive payments in real-time. Use e-money as a marketing tool to offer per-second installment payments without collection risk. 
New payment and treasury solutions from individuals to large corporations. Reduced credit risk on loans and mortgages. Real-time clearing and settlement between financial institutions.
Develop new investment products with a new concept of fluid money. Pay fixed income streaming yield per second. Settle payments between financial institutions in real-time based on customisable rules.
es-Currencies play a key role in the crypto exchange ecosystem by enabling 24/7 trading without volume limitation. They instil confidence in customers by guaranteeing real-time withdrawals and deposits.
Manage treasury in real-time, analyzing possible cash flow shortages. Manage international trade in order to guarantee payment vs delivery. Combine consumption & spending to detect inefficiencies.

Trust is the hardest thing to achieve

Thousands of examples can be mentioned where the complexity and static nature of using traditional electronic money is an unwinnable block. Where the use of traditional StableCoins limits trust. es-Currencies represents the safest and cheapest solution in the whole e-currency and programmable money arena.

An electronic money built for innovators

A whole section dedicated to developers with API keys to develop your own product or connection to the world of es-Currencies.

Resources, examples and support from our engineers for whatever project you want to build. 

Get ready to maximize your productivity with our es-Currencies

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